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Xakep Magazine. Defcon 19 CTF Report

Today October 10 (153) 2011  Xakep (“Hacker”) magazine issued with our (team IV) Defcon CTF report. Full article you can find when you buy the magazine. 2011 First Pre-CTF challenge

Category: reversing binary Summary: hash algorithm analyze, crackme

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Category: reversing Thanks to a former employee of FluxScience (one of our competitors), we managed to get hands on some important files which might help us revealing company secrets. Attached you will find the files. The employee who provided them got fired. You might be lucky and find his account still working: FLUX-38B273DD75860083-0B3DD6B02EC5B9B1-4AFFBAC2EB8B4D17 He might …

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Category: crypto We already made it. The evil Klingons agression is nearly fended. But their final mothership is well protected and even sacrifing a huge number of battleships caused only minor damage. Spies told us an unclear message caused most technical operators and the commander to leave the ship. Unfortunately we are unable to locate …

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Category: crypto We have a spy aboard! For around 5 minutes ago we intercepted an encrypted transmission to an enemy outpost. It seems like we interrupted the mole in the act because we found an open transmission program on our terminals. We are 100% sure that he sent the position of our fleet to the …

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Category: crypto To get a better security we deceided to encrypt our most secret document with the secure xor-algorithm. Unfortunately we lost the key. Now we are sad. Can you help us recovering the key? Download Summary: recovering multibyte xor-key, using autocorrelation

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Category: exploiting Your command is to get as much information about the crew of an antique space shuttle. We know our acient father used finger as reference point at nc 2003 Summary: bash injection, and buffer overflow on a suid binary to get more privilegies

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Category: exploiting You have seen a deserted space station. Your task is to enter it. The first barrier is the access system. But you can find a module with the application on it. Here is the file: download What is the key? (There is also station A, but station B is the advanced one.) Summary: …

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DEFCON 19 Final – hiver

This challenge was on logic and understanding of the bloom filter. The binary is for FreeBSD. binary Summary: understanding of the bloom filter, bruteforce bloom filter set.

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DEFCON 19 Final – forgetu

This challenge was on remote exploiting. The binary is for FreeBSD. binary Summary: bruteforce password, buffer overflow, jump to shellcode

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