Наши успехи на iCTF 2010 (схематично)

02 2010 CTF #22 (Pirates Wisdom) writeup

Pirates Wisdom Captian Iglo heard there is a secret wisdom in the well known pirate wisdom system. Log in to ssh user: ctf password: ctf and get the content of key.txt. You get rewarded with 300 coins. binary Summary: simple heap’s chunk reusage error with a bit obfuscated logic

31 2010 CTF #1 (Fun 300, Rock Lizard Spock) writeup

On the high seas, the nights get boring. Try to win the game against the captain! port 6565/tcp Let’s go & connect there: > nc 6565 /9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAQEAYABgAAD//gAJbWQ1d2luc//bAEMABQ MEBAQDBQQEBAUFBQYHDAgHBwcHDwsLCQwRDxISEQ8RERMWHBcT <…> EgWAYlOhQqadCpxQPCn4JDjQoVacgqCQ4dtCAY4+FChVJb7BVE A6fCnKIB0+FChSuX3C8XQPuhoUKFd+JM//Z The service gives us some base64 and waits 2 seconds for reply. Unbase64ing the data, we get this jpeg: There is no… Continue reading »

31 2010 CTF #13 (My Cool Blog) writeup

Captain Rumbarrel is shocked because he found out that the filthy pirate Boozybold has stolen a whole shipment of rum! So Rumbarrel wants his revenge by hacking Boozybolds cool blog. Unfortunately he can not hack, so help him and get 250 gold coins! From main page of his cool blog, we get three main points:… Continue reading »

31 2010 CTF #3, #11, #14 (Most Epic Challenges :) writeup

Task #3 – Like skies that are so blue Sometime even pirates have a lazy sunday… download 0.  1. Open in your favorite image editor (ms paint) 2. Do a fill: 3. Md5 of the original file is the answer: 032c49411912397eea2a7d906dab5f7e Task #11 – Ecrime Business Cap’n Bill Greasepalms wants to start an ecrime business.… Continue reading »

31 2010 CTF #17 (Brainfuck) writeup

You found a backdoor on Captain Brainfuck’s webspace. Exploit it and read his secret file! The page only says ‘happy hacking’, so what would we be doing without its source… [source mirror] “Source” in fact is a zip archive with php code appended: PK < binary trash..> <?php @ob_clean();$z=zip_open(__FILE__); eval($f=zip_entry_read(zip_read($z),1000));@ob_end_flush();?> It simply reads itself (the… Continue reading »

31 2010 CTF #16 (Rattlesnake’s Riddle) writeup

Solve this riddle to impress Captain Rattlesnake! download The .pyc file is a byte-compiled python code, and there is a wonderful tool called uncompyle to deal with it. $ decompyle secret.pyc > The decompyled file: 1. Takes 3 arguments 2. Checks 2nd to be 1337 3. Calculates ‘token‘ value, which is 11111112671 4. After some… Continue reading »

30 2010 CTF Challenge #8 Writeup

Sad Little Pirate (150) Our sad little pirate haes lost his password. It is known that the pirate has just one hand left; his left hand. So the paessword input is quite limited. Also he can still remember that the plaintext started with “674e2” and his password with “wcwteseawx” Please help the sad pirate finding… Continue reading »

30 2010 CTF Challenge #7 Writeup

Breiers Deathmatch (150) Schnuce Breier has challenged you to a cryptographer’s deathmatch. Connect to 8007/tcp and get the secret number. $ nc 8007 Hi. This is your friendly ‘Decryption Oracle’ We have implemented a well-known public-key cryptosystem. Guess which ;) Modulo: 5628290459057877291809182450381238927697314822133923421169378 062922140081498734424133112032854812341 Generator: 99 Public Key: 135744434201778324839308712462911647727754874814096844915 5264250239122362719894347099351280643528244 Ciphertext: (44750535504622985677351849167148532593337860047243938284 03819968944371696234280482660523326406427034, 40867215175893797288404… Continue reading »

30 2010 CTF Challenge #10 Writeup

#10 – Chip Forensic To solve this task we have something like this (original image is lost) and hex string: 0B 12 0F 0F 1C 4A 4C 0D 4D 15 12 0A 08 15. What we see on image? Some USB device. Those who have seen them on ebay or on other sites knows that… Continue reading »

30 2010 CTF Challenge #5 Writeup

Captain Redbeard’s Battleships (500) While pirating-out a bit, you run into Captain Redbeard and his armada of ghost ships. source1, source2 2204 /tcp. It is a Battleships game. We have to win Cpt. Redbeard 3 times in a row, to get the flag. First time he shots every 3 ships from 5, than 4… Continue reading »

30 2010 CTF Challenge #19 Writeup

Magicwall (400) Captain Hook found the following link after looting his last frigate. He heard that the file flag on this system is worth 400 coins. Give him this file and he will reward you! ssh: user: ctf password: ctf In the box, there was a suid executable, which we were to compromise to… Continue reading »

30 2010 CTF Challenge #18 Writeup

Digital Treasure Chest (300) You were asked to pentest the 1.1 beta-version of the digital treasure chest. Finding an authentication bypass appears to be trivial to you. 6969/tcp $ nc 6969 010 WELCOME. Please Enter your secret digits 0 555 Wrong credentials If we try some more numbers, we will get: $ nc… Continue reading »


Leet More 2010 Lottery writeup

Warning! There are at least two ways of solving this task. Look at HTML sources. Try to find web-framework running the lottery. It is “Nitrogen”- Web Framework for Erlang. To generate random numbers Erlang have module random. To get random Int we have function  uniform(MaxInt)->Int So example of code for generating number for lottery is… Continue reading »


Leet More 2010 LameHackers writeup

Category: crypto Greetings from LameHackers Inc.! We have hacked into the internal Pentagon computer system and managed to steal their text-file-where-they-keep-the-root-password. But the password doesn’t work :( Can you help us? File Ok, first of all I want to thank everyone participating in Leet More 2010, it was a cool competition, though on wednesday. And… Continue reading »

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