CONFidence CTF 2015 – RSA2 (Crypto 500)

Find the flag data Summary: cube attack + recover python’s MersenneTwister state + leak 320/520 LSBs of one of the primes


rwth2011 CTF – mastermind

Mastermind was an easy service, written on Ruby. Download (mmd.rb and mmd.db) Summary: SQL Injection, guessable id’s, guessable flag (by id)

30 2010 CTF Challenge #5 Writeup

Captain Redbeard’s Battleships (500) While pirating-out a bit, you run into Captain Redbeard and his armada of ghost ships. source1, source2 2204 /tcp. It is a Battleships game. We have to win Cpt. Redbeard 3 times in a row, to get the flag. First time he shots every 3 ships from 5, than 4… Continue reading »


Leet More 2010 Noise Magic writeup

I think there’s nothing interesting in this image. Do you agree? image The image looks like it’s just a random noise. To make sure, we can measure a randomness. Pixels of each color can appear in each place of the image with equal chance. If it’s false for some colors, we certainly want to look… Continue reading »