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CyBRICS 2020 Lite

If you haven’t yet registered for our 2020 edition of CyBRICS CTF, you should. Like previous year, it’s made by SPbCTF meetups crew (guys from MSLC / LC↯BC, SiBears, PeterPEN, Yozik), and we invite all teams to play. Unlike previous year, this one is Lite — single online Jeopardy round, everyone is eligible, and you get prizes without playing Attack-Defense! (which is rare nowadays) The same great set of …

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CyBRICS CTF 2019 — we’re making a full-fledged one!

We, in SPbCTF meetups crew (guys from LC↯BC, SiBears, PeterPEN, Yozik), were invited to make a CTF together with some BRICS countries universities. So we made one — and invite everyone to compete, have fun and win some prizes in CyBRICS CTF 2019. This one continues the tradition of hack you events, but this time …

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hack you ’17 :: easy CTF on Oct 8—14

As a tradition, every fall we host a fun lightweight Jeopardy CTF for our freshmen to attract them into all the CTFey goodness. This one will be our fifth year (holy shit!) We invite everyone to check out hack you ’17 this year. Just as always, two separate scoreboards: one for SPbCTF meetups, one for …

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hack you spb @ 17 Oct 2016

Remember hack you CTF? Yeah, that random event that we throw for our freshmen and everyone interested. We’re hosting a new one. It’s fall already and that means the new CTF season is starting, and so is the new academic year in the universities. This is the time when we want to attract more freshmen …

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DEFCON CTF Survival Guide (2014)

vos and snk from MSLC share their basic view of Attack-Defence CTFs and tell random stories in their two-hour talk at Chaos Constructions 2014.   With English subtitles

Olympic CTF Sochi 2014 Registration is Open

Let there be Olympics MSLC proudly presents…Alright, do we even need words here? Game starts: February 7th, 2014 16:14 UTC (yeah yeah, those Sochi number freaks… it’s 20:14 in MSK timezone) Game ends: February 9th, 2014 16:14 UTC Sign up: Prize set: 1500 USD, 1000 USD, 500 USD. Expect decent tasks. Twenty of them.

Sudden CTF syndrome

Happy new 2014 and merry Orthodox Christmas if you’re religious ;-D Maybe you already know hack you and hack you too, so I won’t even say that hack you is an individual CTF that we originally held for our university freshmen and opened it for everyone interested in the world. Couple days after this New …

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RuCTFe rocks, iCTF is fine, rwthCTF are assholes

The traditional Winter Attack-Defense Spree is over, and what can I say…

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Defcon CTF Quals 2013 – \xff\xe4\xcc 4 (penser)

good luck. Download penser binary » Summary: x86_64 Unicode-proof shellcoding.

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Defcon CTF Quals 2013 – \xff\xe4\xcc 3 (linked)

typedef struct _llist { struct _llist *next; uint32_t tag; char data[100]; llist; and: register char *answer; char *(*func)(); llist *head; … func = (char *(*)(llist *))userBuf; answer = (char *)(*func)(head); send_string(answer); exit(0); Write me shellcode that traverses the randomly generated linked list, looking for a node with a tag 0x41414100, and returns a pointer to …

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Defcon CTF Quals 2013 – All Web Challenges (3dub)

Summary: 3dub (1) – babysfirst: SQLite SQL injection 3dub (2) – badmedicine: Stream cipher bit flipping 3dub (3) – hypeman: Rack/Sinatra session secret disclosure 3dub (4) – rememberme: Bruteforce 3dub (5) – worsemedicine: Block cipher bit flipping

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MSLC presents: Craptography Awards

Team More Smoked Leet Chicken proudly presentsCraptography Awards «You suck at crypto — we have an award for you!» Today’s Nominees

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Announcing hackyou CTF

It’s fall already and that means the new CTF season is starting, and so is the new academic year in our university. This is the time when we want to attract more freshmen into our CTF tarpit ;-D So we are running – a CTF. But it’s not just for them. Wouldn’t it be fun …

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Программа RuCTF

CodeGate 2012 Quals Forensic 500 Write-up

This file is Forensic file format which is generally used. Check the information of imaged DISK, find the GUIDs of every partition. Answer: strupr((part1_GUID) XOR (part2_GUID) XOR …) Download : B704361ACF90390C17F6103DF4811E2D Forensic 500 features EWF format container with EFI GPT partition table.

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