hack you ’17 :: easy CTF on Oct 8—14

hack you '17

As a tradition, every fall we host a fun lightweight Jeopardy CTF for our freshmen to attract them into all the CTFey goodness. This one will be our fifth year (holy shit!)

We invite everyone to check out hack you ’17 this year. Just as always, two separate scoreboards: one for SPbCTF meetups, one for everyone on the world. And yeah, we have some prizes this year!

28 challenges ranging from easy pen-and-paper to interesting. Noobies will have a taste of what CTFs are, skilled will have fun and check if they can pwn everything the fastest.

Registration open: now (sign up individually — no teams)
Game is live: October 8th, 2017 18:00 UTC
Game ends: October 14th, 2017 18:00 UTC

Sign up: https://hackyou.ctf.su/

Top-3 in the Overall board get a free ZeroNights 2017 entry each. Matrish Matrish Matrish
Top-50 in the Overall scoreboard qualify to the Final event in Saint Petersburg on October 29th.

So in just a few words: Fifth hack you. 28 good old speedhack tasks. October 8th.

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