CodeGate 2012 Quals Forensic 500 Write-up

This file is Forensic file format which is generally used. Check the information of imaged DISK, find the GUIDs of every partition. Answer: strupr((part1_GUID) XOR (part2_GUID) XOR …) Download : B704361ACF90390C17F6103DF4811E2D Forensic 500 features EWF format container with EFI GPT partition table.


IFSF CTF Small Challenges (#4, #5, #6, #14, #15)

Contents #4 ER #5 Change #6 Call me #14 Seek me #15 Embedded docs


Nuit du hack 2011 CTF Forensic

Forensic 100 On a dumpe la RAM d’une machine sur laquelle tournait un serveur VNC. Le but est de recupere le mot de passe de ce serveur. * * * We have dumped the RAM of a Machine on which was running a VNC server. The goal is to get the password of that VNC… Continue reading »


Codegate CTF 2011 Forensic 300, Issue 300

Forensic 300 Description: We are investigating the military secret’s leaking.we found traffic with leaking secrets while monitoring the network.Security team was sent to investigate, immediately. But, there was no one present. It was found by forensics team that all the leaked secrets were completely deleted by wiping tool.And the team has found a leaked trace… Continue reading »