Hack.lu 2010 CTF #3, #11, #14 (Most Epic Challenges :) writeup

Task #3 – Like skies that are so blue

Sometime even pirates have a lazy sunday…

1. Open in your favorite image editor (ms paint)
2. Do a fill:
3. Md5 of the original file is the answer: 032c49411912397eea2a7d906dab5f7e

Task #11 – Ecrime Business

Cap’n Bill Greasepalms wants to start an ecrime business.
If you want to join his crew you have to proof your pdf skillz.
Get the secret key and you get 100 coins.

This one has two character encodings inside:
1. #XX means chr(0xXX)
2. \ooo means chr(octdec(ooo))
Also, it has extra “\\\r\n” sequences for obfuscation.

Script for stripping the obfuscation:

$f = file_get_contents("ecrime.pdf");
$f = preg_replace('/#([a-f0-9]{2})/sie', 'chr(hexdec("$1"))', $f);
$f = preg_replace('#\\\\(\d{3})#sie', 'chr(octdec("$1"))', $f);
$f = str_replace("\\\r\n", '', $f);
file_put_contents("ecrime.out.pdf", $f);

Inside ecrime.out.pdf, a javascript is easily noticed. Replace eval with alert and execute in a browser: [ecrime_js.htm]

Answer: 45cd5f86ea1b489e4a5e86b98

Task #14 – Captain Flints Key

Little Bobby Flint was able to download a file containing the key for Captian Flints treasure chest.
Unfortunately the download finished incorrectly and the file is corrupt.
Help him to recover the key and gain 200 gold coins.

1. Rebuild the zip archive using WinRAR: [rebuilt.dump.zip]
2. Extract org.exe (crc won’t match)
3. Rebuild orig.exe using PETools: [org_rebuilt.exe]

> org_rebuilt.exe
The Key is: 183808af


    • Prone on December 15, 2010 at 19:10
    • Reply

    In Task #14 – Captain Flints Key:

    I downloaded the file.

    1. Fixed it with WinRAR
    2. Extract it using unzip on a linux shell (that way it was not deleted)
    3. Rebuild using PETools does not work somehow.

    can you elaborate ?


    • vos on December 15, 2010 at 19:34
    • Reply

    Hey Prone.

    Winrar somehow extracts more than linux `unzip`, 81149 bytes vs 65536 (guess it’s connected with internal unzip block size).
    WRAR has an option to leave files with wrong crc on disk right on the extract dialog :)

    And if you want me to elaborate on PETools’s rebuilding: it only substracts excess length from SizeOfImage and last section RawSize.
    BTW, wine loads the .exe without need for rebuilding :)


    P.S. Fixed link to [org.exe].

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