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Hack.lu 2012 CTF Challenge #12 (500)

The famous zombie researcher “Donn Beach” almost created an immunization against the dipsomanie virus. This severe disease leads to the inability to defend against Zombies, later causes a complete loss of memory and finally turns you into one of them. Inexplicably Donn forgot where he put the license key for his centrifuge. Provide him a… Continue reading »


Hack.lu 2012 CTF Challenge #25 (200)

Heading up the steeple gave you and your companion a nice view over the outbreak situation in your city. But it also attracted a lot of unwanted attention. Zombies are surrounding your spot and are looking for an entrance to the building. You obviously need some bait to lure them away so you can flee… Continue reading »


Russian Spy in Santa Barbara

Last few months I have spent in Boston and recently had an opportunity to come to awesome Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is a motherland not only of the longest (or one of the longest) an American television soap opera, which was very well known in Russia in 90s, but also University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB).


PlaidCTF 2012 – Format [99] (Pwnables)

Up on a hill, far away, sits the robot king of old. While he was once great, he recently has seemed to just offer simple challenges. Vanquish him and bring honor to your team! Summary: rand guessing, format string exploitation 


PlaidCTF 2012 – Bouncer [250] (Practical Packets)

In a recent battle we took an enemy robot hostage and examined his operating system. During the examination we found a piece of robot malware that we don’t quite understand. Can you enumerate its targets? This challenge was made by our friends at ManTech. If you enjoyed it, you might be interested in working for them. Summary: unpack… Continue reading »


CodeGate 2012 Quals – Binary 500

Seeing that it is not all. Down Summary: VM analysis, python decompiling


CodeGate 2012 Quals – Binary 400

The Rewolf in Kaspersky Down Summary: unpack file, analyze crashdumps, bruteforce


CodeGate 2012 Quals – Binary 300

There are malicious program associated with DDoS zombie. Calcurate the sum of port numbers used for the attack. And, how many times does zombie try to attack? Answer: sum(attack_ports) * attack_count (* : multiplication) Download : 72C4DAA981E17282B12E6226A1D60162 Summary: unpack, malware analyse


CodeGate 2012 Quals – Binary 200

Find a printable string that the program would print ultimately. Down (pw: infected) Summary: unpack, XTEA decrypt


Gits 2012 #13

File was running at kimjongun.final2012.ghostintheshellcode.com : 2645 Summary: buffer overflow, reverse


Gits 2012 #12

File was running at gratis.final2012.ghostintheshellcode.com:3030 Summary: reverse, x64, filtering parameters error


MozillaCTF 2012 AwesomeCorp. Secured Ranges (300) Writeup

One evening, you decide to take a look at the website of Awesome Corp., a competitor which you suspect of reverse-engineering parts of your software and using these code pieces in their own product. Unfortunately, you got no proof, so you begin to investigate on your own. Soon enough (insert random webhacking stuff here), you… Continue reading »


iCTF 2011. Challenge 29 ($800)

Program is not packed x86 executable PE file. binary


iCTF 2011. Challenge 30 ($500)

There is encrypted file “reverse2.7z.enc”. So if you look careful you see repeated pattern:


iCTF 2011. Challenge 31 ($ ?)

Program is not packed x86 executable ELF file. There is a very easy logic here. Secret information about bank account is generated from input code.

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