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Hack.lu 2012 CTF Challenge #3 (450)

3 – Zombies like PPTP Our intel shows us that the Zombies use a MS-PPTP like protocol and luckily we could intercept a challenge-response transmission of one of the Zombie outposts. The important thing for Zombies in this war is mass! Not only brain mass but their mass. So they built their PPTP protocol compatible …

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Hack.lu 2012 CTF Challenge #17 (400)

17 – Zombieshop A new company offers a lot of anti zombie equipment to protect yourself. Unfortunately not everyone can buy the good stuff. Only privileged users may do so. We managed to create an account, but it is not privileged. Your mission is to buy “Anti zombie Spray”. zomboy53:killthezombies https://ctf.fluxfingers.net:2077/ Summary: bruteforce DES

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