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TWCTF 2017 – Solutions for BabyPinhole, Liar’s Trap, Palindrome Pairs Challenge

Scripts with short explanations: BabyPinhole (crypto 163) Liar’s Trap (crypto/ppc 281) Palindrome Pairs – Challenge Phase (ppc 63+337)

Google CTF 2017 Quals – BLT (Bleichenbacher’s Lattice Task – Insanity Check)

A slow descent into the dark, into madness, futility, and despair. BLT.jar (not necessary) STDOUT Flag.java Summary: DSA with short secrets, lattice + meet-in-the-middle attack.

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PlaidCTF 2016 – sexec (Crypto 300)

If you need to securely grant execution privileges, what better way to do it than sexec? This is running on sexec.pwning.xxx:9999 sexec.tar.gz Summary: attacking a small instance of Ring-LWE based cryptosystem with Babai’s Nearest Vector algorithm.

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CONFidence CTF 2015 – RSA1 (Crypto 400)

Find the flag data Summary: Coppersmith’s short pad attack

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VolgaCTF Quals 2015 – CPKC (Crypto 400) writeup

cpkc A home-brewed cryptosystem, should be easy to break. Its keyspace seems to be rather large though… challenge.tar Summary: LLL-based attack on NTRUEncrypt-like cryptosystem.

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