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Hack.lu 2010 CTF Challenge #5 Writeup

Captain Redbeard’s Battleships (500) While pirating-out a bit, you run into Captain Redbeard and his armada of ghost ships. source1, source2 pirates.fluxfingers.net 2204 /tcp. It is a Battleships game. We have to win Cpt. Redbeard 3 times in a row, to get the flag. First time he shots every 3 ships from 5, than 4 …

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Hack.lu 2010 CTF Challenge #19 Writeup

Magicwall (400) Captain Hook found the following link after looting his last frigate. He heard that the file flag on this system is worth 400 coins. Give him this file and he will reward you! ssh: pirates.fluxfingers.net:7022 user: ctf password: ctf In the box, there was a suid executable, which we were to compromise to …

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Hack.lu 2010 CTF Challenge #18 Writeup

Digital Treasure Chest (300) You were asked to pentest the 1.1 beta-version of the digital treasure chest. Finding an authentication bypass appears to be trivial to you. pirates.fluxfingers.net 6969/tcp $ nc pirates.fluxfingers.net 6969 010 WELCOME. Please Enter your secret digits 0 555 Wrong credentials If we try some more numbers, we will get: $ nc …

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