Leet More 2010 write-ups

Lottery »»

Leet More 2010 Lottery writeup by lambdaman

LameHackers »»

Category: crypto

Greetings from LameHackers Inc.!
We have hacked into the internal Pentagon computer system and managed to steal their text-file-where-they-keep-the-root-password.
But the password doesn’t work :( Can you help us?

Leet More 2010 LameHackers writeup by vos

Oh Those Admins! »»

Category: web-vuln?!



Leet More 2010 Oh Those Admins! writeup by vos

Jailbreak »»

Category: CTB

A piece of code is currently up @ ctf.ifmo.ru:4004

BTW, here is what’s inside the jail:
vos@ms7:~/private_data$ ls -la
total 20K
d——r-x 2 alice alice 4.0K Aug 21 00:23 .
d——r-x 3 alice alice 4.0K Aug 21 00:29 ..
——-r– 1 alice alice 9.0K Aug 21 00:23 key

Leet More 2010 Jailbreak writeup by vos

brainfffuuuuu »»

Category: CTB

This binary is running at ctf.ifmo.ru
Are you able to get the key?!

Leet More 2010 brainfffuuuuu writeup by vos

SHAdow dROP »»

Category: reverse

Generate a license!

Leet More 2010 SHAdow dROP writeup by vos

ELF Quest »»

Find the hidden message. file

Leet More 2010 ELF Quest writeup by hellman

Time Traveller »»

A scientist who worked on the issue of space-time continuum, suddenly disappeared.
He left only a mysterious drawing in a notebook.
There is a suspicion that he traveled back in time. In what year did he travel? And what is his name?

Leet More 2010 Time Traveller writeup by hellman

Strange Cipher »»



Leet More 2010 Strange Cipher writeup by hellman

Noise Magic »»

I think there’s nothing interesting in this image. Do you agree? image

Leet More 2010 Noise Magic writeup by hellman

Stack or what? »»

We received a new CPU model, you are to make a vulnerability check. Enter the CPU secret code as a proof. [ ctf.ifmo.ru:3123 ] + binary

Leet More 2010 Stack or what? writeup by hellman