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PoliCTF 2012 pwn/bin 200

Play with this amazing calculator: Summary: Scheme eval

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PoliCTF 2012 Crypto 500

Hensel and Gretel are looking for their new house, but the twisted seller who sold it to them decided to provide the coordinates to their new love nest only after ensuring that the couple is Smart enough to earn them. Thus, the seller provides them with the following map and leaves Hensel and Gretel to …

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PoliCTF 2012 Crypto 200

This is an OpenCL binary. Go! opencl.bin Summary: xor and xor

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PoliCTF 2012 Crypto 100

Since I needed to sign a document I thought about doing it with a Chinese paintbrush… Too bad my hand is not that steady, so just in case, I re-signed it with a common pen. Sadly I keep being forgetful, so I actually forgot where I left the two halves of the sigil I used …

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Dobbertin Challenge 2012

The Dobbertin Challenge is issued every two years since 2006, in honor and memory of Prof. Hans Dobbertin. A simple JSON Web Service is provided, which processes PIN codes of users. A user can send his encrypted PIN to the Web Service, which decrypts and stores the PIN. The Web Service allows to use …

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The famous zombie researcher “Donn Beach” almost created an immunization against the dipsomanie virus. This severe disease leads to the inability to defend against Zombies, later causes a complete loss of memory and finally turns you into one of them. Inexplicably Donn forgot where he put the license key for his centrifuge. Provide him a …

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