PoliCTF 2012 Crypto 200

This is an OpenCL binary. Go!


Summary: xor and xor

This challenge was very easy:

We see some code is xored, and the argument to the code is:

Dexor code:

$ dd if=opencl bs=1 skip=$(rax2 0x11c0) count=98 of=part1
98+0 records in
98+0 records out
98 bytes (98 B) copied, 0.00108629 s, 90.2 kB/s
$ dd if=opencl bs=1 skip=$(rax2 0xdd1) count=98 of=part2
98+0 records in
98+0 records out
98 bytes (98 B) copied, 0.00106548 s, 92.0 kB/s
$ xor -f part1 -f part2
__kernel void polictf(__global char *a){int i=get_global_id(0);__local char f[64];f[i]=i^a[i];}

Oh, it simply xors each char in argument with it’s index:

In [1]: "".join([chr(ord(c) ^ i) for i, c in enumerate("dd`vcZiwmgigSdzPybMrKgsvtFjzusAvN~VKAzGT[)")])
Out[1]: 'debug_opencl_it_is_a_real_pain_in_the_ass\x00'

The flag: debug_opencl_it_is_a_real_pain_in_the_ass

PS: There was very similar challenge on Hacklu CTF 2012 – just CUDA instead of OpenCL and one more additional xor in it’s logic

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