CyBRICS 2020 Lite

CyBRICS 2020 Lite

If you haven’t yet registered for our 2020 edition of CyBRICS CTF, you should.

Like previous year, it’s made by SPbCTF meetups crew (guys from MSLC / LC↯BC, SiBears, PeterPEN, Yozik), and we invite all teams to play.

Unlike previous year, this one is Lite — single online Jeopardy round, everyone is eligible, and you get prizes without playing Attack-Defense! (which is rare nowadays)

The same great set of 28 challenges ranging from easy pen-and-paper to interesting for 24 hours of gameplay. Noobies will have a taste of what CTFs are, skilled will have fun and check if they can pwn everything the fastest, competing for the prizes.

Registration open: now
Game is live: July 25th, 2020 10:00 UTC
Game ends: July 26th, 2020 10:00 UTC (24 hours)

Sign up: (CTFtime page)

1st place: 3 000 USD
2nd place: 2 000 USD
3rd place: 1 000 USD

Additionally, we have a special prize from XCTF League: 1st place gets a spot in the traditional XCTF Finals 2020 in China, where teams get qualified by winning other contests.

On top of that, Top-3 teams each get 5 tickets to Positive Hack Days and to OFFZONE international infosec conventions in Moscow (what are those)

So in just a few words: Online-only, open to all. 28 good old Jeopardy tasks. July 25th.

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