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EnoWars CTF – GTFO (300 Pts)

Category: reverse, network While trying to figure out how to leave, you notice some Rhynchodos millenios. It’s really surprising to see one of those. Remember that documentary they had on Discovery Channel? They were pretty much the cheapest ships you could get. And they sucked. Big time. Being built with the cheapest materials around and …

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EnoWars CTF – Get On Board (500)

Category: crypto There is also this nice new spaceship in the hangar just waiting for us. Some old-school mobil terminal describes it as: “The Heart of Gold is the sleekest, most advanced, coolest spaceship in the galaxy. “Its stunning good looks mirror its awesome speed and power. It is powered by the revolutionary new Infinite …

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EnoWars CTF – Invaders 100 pts

Are you ready to fight? Jedimaster: We can’t afford to wait any longer. Energy I’ll use to defeat their spaceships and clear the way for our troops. Just me give a figher EnoInvaders.tar.gz Hash Summary: packet analyze, a little reverse

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