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Hack.lu 2012 CTF Challenge #4 (250)

4 – Reduced Security Agency Some of our guys broke into the Reduced Security Agency and stole the source of their highly secure login system. Unfortunately no one of them made it uninfected back and so we only have a part of the source. Now it’s your turn to break their system and login to …

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PlaidCTF 2012 – RSA [200] (Password Guessing)

We recently intercepted a plethora of robot transmissions but they are all encrypted with some strange scheme we just can’t quite figure out. Can you crack it? Summary: small public exponent: 3

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EnoWars CTF – Get On Board (500)

Category: crypto There is also this nice new spaceship in the hangar just waiting for us. Some old-school mobil terminal describes it as: “The Heart of Gold is the sleekest, most advanced, coolest spaceship in the galaxy. “Its stunning good looks mirror its awesome speed and power. It is powered by the revolutionary new Infinite …

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