CONFidence CTF 2015 – RSA1 (Crypto 400)

Find the flag data Summary: Coppersmith’s short pad attack


VolgaCTF Quals 2015 – CPKC (Crypto 400) writeup

cpkc A home-brewed cryptosystem, should be easy to break. Its keyspace seems to be rather large though… challenge.tar Summary: LLL-based attack on NTRUEncrypt-like cryptosystem.


PHD CTF 2013 Hackskell (500)

We’ve got a screenshot of some encryption, here’s the text transcribed. Please say what’s there. Summary: a couple of modular equations

22 CTF 2011 Wipe out the Klingons (400)

Category: crypto We already made it. The evil Klingons agression is nearly fended. But their final mothership is well protected and even sacrifing a huge number of battleships caused only minor damage. Spies told us an unclear message caused most technical operators and the commander to leave the ship. Unfortunately we are unable to locate… Continue reading »

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