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MMA CTF 2015 – Motto Mijikai Address (Crypto/Web 100+300)

Login as admin and get the flag1. mmaddress.7z Summary: breaking HMAC-CRC512

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Defcon CTF Quals 2013 – All Web Challenges (3dub)

Summary: 3dub (1) – babysfirst: SQLite SQL injection 3dub (2) – badmedicine: Stream cipher bit flipping 3dub (3) – hypeman: Rack/Sinatra session secret disclosure 3dub (4) – rememberme: Bruteforce 3dub (5) – worsemedicine: Block cipher bit flipping

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rwth2011 CTF – mastermind

Mastermind was an easy service, written on Ruby. Download (mmd.rb and mmd.db) Summary: SQL Injection, guessable id’s, guessable flag (by id)

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