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MozillaCTF 2012 SecureFileLock (250) Writeup

This very secure locking mechanism encloses files and only gives them to you when you know the passphrase. Find it and you will have the flag. Category: reversing Summary: find out a xor cipher, use xortool to get the key

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hack.lu CTF 2011 Simplexor (200)

Category: crypto To get a better security we deceided to encrypt our most secret document with the secure xor-algorithm. Unfortunately we lost the key. Now we are sad. Can you help us recovering the key? Download Summary: recovering multibyte xor-key, using autocorrelation

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Codegate CTF 2011 Mini writeups

Some mini writeups on Codegate 2011 Prequals: Issue100,200, Net100,200, Crypto100,200.

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