The significant game, but EPIC FAIL! 2th on iCTF 2011

First of all, big thanks for UCSBiCTF !  It was really GREAT game!There are good task and services!

We played as More Smoked Leet Chicken (Leet More + Smoked Chicken) and It was the best game of those that I remember!

We have done a lot of tasks (most of all, if I’m not mistaken), had a lot of fun! But had some problem in trade :(

We took 2th place om iCTF 2011, great result – you can think, but not for us.

For us 2th place is EPIC FAIL! You’ll understand if you look at the charts (click for zoom)

We missed first place in the last minute! Final table (click to see full table): only fucking 87 points!


Link for final scoreboard http://scoreboard.ictf2011.info/

So, anyway, I repeat, it was great game, thank the whole team! Guys, you were rock! More Smoked Leet Chicken the best! =)

Be sure we will be even stronger next time!


  1. vos says:

  2. noName says:

    It was a great game and I also had a lot of fun. Don’t be bad losers ;)

    Regards from Austria

    1. noName says:

      Don’t misinterpret my last comment with the bad losers.

      “Fighting” against you were really exciting until the end and I’m looking forward meeting you at the next ctf.


      1. vos says:

        Yeah, we’re kidding :D

        2nd place is a big achievement for us, especially on iCTF.

        We’ve had great fun playing against you! Gratz for winning!

  3. Giovanni Vigna says:

    Folks, both you and the Tu Vienna guys were GREAT.
    You made the last minutes of the iCTF the most exciting since I started running this competition.
    There were people rooting for either team, here at UCSB. It was like a soccer match.
    So 2nd place is not EPIC FAIL at all!

    Great job guys!

  4. Christian Platzer says:

    Guys, you caused us bleeding brains during the last two hours of the competition. And to be honest, we didn’t think we could catch you. You seemed to have your submission system maxed out (as did we) so you got around 50 points for 100 CHF.

    Then in the last 10 minutes you solved some 125 CHF challenge, and it would have meant your win. Then we solved another one and you can imagine the yelling when the submission form did not show “Wrong!”

    All in all, it was such a close call that we can’t honestly claim to be the “better” team. More like equally awesome ;-)

    Cheers, Christian

  5. hellman says:

    Thanks guys, it was really great game! :)

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  7. ashok says:

    Hello leet more + somked chicken.

    PLease give a write up on ifsf ctf #1 and #10…

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  9. Giovanni Vigna (actually Avinash S -- editor's note) says:

    LOL I was being modest.. you guys got f**ked big time.
    Yea #EpicFail and sad that you will lose the game even this year.

    1. vos says:

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