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  • PoliCTF 2012 Crypto 500

    Hensel and Gretel are looking for their new house, but the twisted seller who sold it to them decided to provide the coordinates to their new love nest only after ensuring that the couple is Smart enough to earn them. Thus, the seller provides them with the following map and leaves Hensel and Gretel to… Continue reading »

  • NuitDuHack 2012 Prequals – sciteekadm.cap

    Hopefully, we succeeded to spy some wireless communications around Sciteek building, our technical staff has attached the capture file, will you be able to exploit it? We hope that some valuable files were exchanged during the capture. Please entitle your reply “captured file”, as usual. By the way, your account has been credited with $1000.… Continue reading »

  • rwth2011 CTF – ps3game

    This service was on exploiting, understanding udp protocol and process of sign data. ps3game files Summary: reversing, crypto, rsa, tea hash, udp sign

  • CTF 2011 Wipe out the Klingons (400)

    Category: crypto We already made it. The evil Klingons agression is nearly fended. But their final mothership is well protected and even sacrifing a huge number of battleships caused only minor damage. Spies told us an unclear message caused most technical operators and the commander to leave the ship. Unfortunately we are unable to locate… Continue reading »

  • Nuit du hack 2011 CTF Crypto 300

    Crypto300 (150 pts.) source Python source code is very clear and concise, and could sometimes bring out lots of clues. This is particularly true for this challenge. Summary: key exchange algorithm based on permutations (braid based cryptography), has some vulnerabilities