Hack.lu 2013 CTF – Crypto 350 (BREW’r’Y)

BREW’r’Y (Category: Crypto) Author(s): dwuid Finally, the robots managed to sneak into one of our breweries. I guess I won’t have to explain how bad that really is. That darn non-physical ones even shutdown our login system. Shiny thing, advanced technology, all based on fingerprints. Been secure as hell. If only it was running. Well,… Continue reading »


Gits ctf 2013 Crypto 500

Crypto 500 file Summary: breaking cipher


Nuit du hack 2011 CTF Crypto 300

Crypto300 (150 pts.) source Python source code is very clear and concise, and could sometimes bring out lots of clues. This is particularly true for this challenge. Summary: key exchange algorithm based on permutations (braid based cryptography), has some vulnerabilities