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CodeGate 2012 Quals Vuln500 Write-up ID : yesMan PWD : ohyeah123 Download vulnerable binary. Vuln500 was a hardened format-string vuln with ASLR, NX-stack, no-DTORs, RO .dynamic

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CodeGate 2012 Quals Net400 Write-up

Because of vulnerability of site in Company A, database which contains user’s information was leaked. The file is dumped packet at the moment of attacking. Find the administrator’s account information which was leaked from the site. For reference, some parts of the packet was blind to XXXX. Answer : strupr(md5(database_name|table_name|decode(password_of_admin))) (‘|’is just a character) Download …

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IFSF CTF #7 (X99) Write-up

this is one of their machines which have very sensitive informations , try to get for us the password PORT : 3000 X99 carries a synthetic vulnerability that allows a char-by-char password bruteforce.

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IFSF CTF Small Challenges (#4, #5, #6, #14, #15)

Contents #4 ER #5 Change #6 Call me #14 Seek me #15 Embedded docs

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IFSF CTF #8 (X98) Write-up

we know it’s about some secret agents , but we need more than that PORT 3000 X98 is a remote CTB task with a shell injection vuln.

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HackIM 2012 Wormholing Write-up

Hey! This is the writeup on wormholing. Essentially, it allows you to score 1st place without solving any tasks :)

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LeetMore at XSS Night Club

leetmore checking out vegas night clubs

Leet More at BlackHat’11

giving a talk about physical perimeter security

0day airplane terminal sploit (no disclosure)

Not a write-up.

Наши успехи на iCTF 2010 (схематично) 2010 CTF #1 (Fun 300, Rock Lizard Spock) writeup

On the high seas, the nights get boring. Try to win the game against the captain! port 6565/tcp Let’s go & connect there: > nc 6565 /9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAQEAYABgAAD//gAJbWQ1d2luc//bAEMABQ MEBAQDBQQEBAUFBQYHDAgHBwcHDwsLCQwRDxISEQ8RERMWHBcT <…> EgWAYlOhQqadCpxQPCn4JDjQoVacgqCQ4dtCAY4+FChVJb7BVE A6fCnKIB0+FChSuX3C8XQPuhoUKFd+JM//Z The service gives us some base64 and waits 2 seconds for reply. Unbase64ing the data, we get this jpeg: There is no …

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Captain Rumbarrel is shocked because he found out that the filthy pirate Boozybold has stolen a whole shipment of rum! So Rumbarrel wants his revenge by hacking Boozybolds cool blog. Unfortunately he can not hack, so help him and get 250 gold coins! From main page of his cool blog, we get three main points: …

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Task #3 – Like skies that are so blue Sometime even pirates have a lazy sunday… download 0.  1. Open in your favorite image editor (ms paint) 2. Do a fill: 3. Md5 of the original file is the answer: 032c49411912397eea2a7d906dab5f7e Task #11 – Ecrime Business Cap’n Bill Greasepalms wants to start an ecrime business. …

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You found a backdoor on Captain Brainfuck’s webspace. Exploit it and read his secret file! The page only says ‘happy hacking’, so what would we be doing without its source… [source mirror] “Source” in fact is a zip archive with php code appended: PK < binary trash..> <?php @ob_clean();$z=zip_open(__FILE__); eval($f=zip_entry_read(zip_read($z),1000));@ob_end_flush();?> It simply reads itself (the …

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