MSLC presents: Craptography Awards

Team More Smoked Leet Chicken proudly presents
Craptography Awards

«You suck at crypto — we have an award for you!»

Today’s Nominees

3. Insomni’hack 2013 Pre-Challenge

Insomni'hack 2013 Medal of Craptography
For using this Shamir Secret Sharing implementation and claiming it as vanilla SSSS.

2. Nullcon HackIM 2013

HackIM 2013 Medal of Craptography
For using this “Vernam” cipher implementation.

1. NeoQuest 2012

NeoQuest 2012 Medal of Craptography
For using Crypo.Com’s “RC4” algorithm and claiming it as real RC4.

— Wow, how do I get nominated?
— It’s simple: when you want to make a CTF Crypto task, just google “<your-cipher-name> encrypt online” and follow the first link. Your task is done! Also, there is a nice and refined collection at ATOM 128 and MEGAN 35 seem like a good choice.

Award ceremony sponsored by Crypo.Com — your home for shitty cryptography.

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